Prof. Bazaz Reflects on Capstone

In Spring 2018, Professor Aggie Ebrahimi-Bazaz received a grant from the Lehigh Valley Engaged Humanities Consortium to support elements of the Documentary Storymaking Capstone (DOC 370).  In a recent blog post on the LVEHC website, Prof. Bazaz looks back on the work and community created by Capstone students from Lafayette, Lehigh, and Muhlenberg.

Over the course of the semester, the seven students in the class, the majority of whom are graduating / graduated seniors, applied documentary theories and practices to investigate what plagued them, what haunted them, what intrigued them. To do this work, they had to be willing to confront their own histories, their own privileges, their own fears. And they had to be willing to do it publicly, in the community of the class and later, before an audience that would include family members, peers, professors, and colleagues from throughout the Lehigh Valley.  Read more.

The May 9 exhibit at Muhlenberg’s Multicultural House made visible the many ways that students are making meaning of documentary inquiry and practice.  Also evident that evening was the experience, care, and commitment that Prof. Bazaz brings to shaping deeply connected pedagogies of documentary storymaking.  Some of the projects from the Spring 18 Capstone are featured in the Student Work section of this site.