The House Always Wins
by Delaney McCaffrey

Free To Be US

by Ali Ruchman

Voice of the Streets

by Tracey Robinson

Journey to Self-love: Pre-Face, Ontology, Coda

by Donterrius Walker

A World of Gray

by Kenzie Corbin (Lafayette) Luke Madronal (Lafayette) and Laura Pezzulich (Muhlenberg)

SOS: Saving our Shad

by Devin Domeyer (Muhlenberg), Anna Golub (Lafayette), Emily Ramirez (Lafayette)

Skate til Late

by Emmia Newman, Ellen Kelly, Daniel Kaufman and Dmitriy Kim


2018 Capstone web project by Emmia Newman ’18 (Muhlenberg) and Ell Kelly ’18 (Muhlenberg).

The Stories That Make Us

Chris Zacarias, 2016-Lafayette College


by Tymir E. Jones and Mohammad Bah

The Arts Trail

by Austin Katz, Scott Kovacs, James Reilly and Megan Schmidt

Steel, Art, and Dixie Cups – Episode 1: Bethlehem

by Nate Gyory, Molly Leech, Delaney McCaffrey and Claudia Rodriguez